Daughtry Live In Concert

Just came back from the concert with Daughtry at VEGA and I just wanna scream out WOW! So genuine down to earth and real. The band around Chris Daughtry was SO talented and my favorite was the drummer with his old shcool way of banging the drums. An awesome concert.. obviously!

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Chris Daughtry On My Show

What a day and what a show! The interview with Chris Daughtry was so awesome. I was actually a bit nervous but when Chris showed up completely down to earth everything just went fine from there. I was blown away by his acoustic version of Waiting For Superman and now I can not wait for the concert later on tonight!

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Chris Daughtry

Tomorrow – wednesday the 5th of march – my radio show will have the extreme pleasure in welcoming rock star Chris Daughtry. I must admit that I am a bit nervous. I remember seeing Chris on American Idol and imagine ME interviewing this guy is an unreal scenario. Chris will be preforming with his band Daughtry at VEGA the same night – get your ticket here. Be sure not to miss this must hear radio event tomorrow at Radio 100 at 15’o’clock where Chris will preform LIVE!


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