This Makes Me Proud!


on the set of Dan & Veltz 4

Dan shooting an arrow into my eye

If I look back on some of the many things I have been blessed attending, producing, writing etc. for me there is one thing that stands out in particular. And that is my collaboration with fellow comedian and friend Dan Andersen and the talented movie maker Morten Routh Sørensen and the we-are-all-doing-this-shit-for-free-because-it-is-fuckin-funny-project Dan & Veltz. All credit has to go to Morten because it was his genius who invented the form of Dan & Veltz. In the first video we where filming in Helsingør for like 4-6 hours trying to create a timeline and a short movie. But when Morten showed Dan and me the first draft he had edited it all down to 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Dan and me was very surprised that all the footage was trashed but what we saw was SO much more funny than we have EVER thought. Until now the team has created four videos and I think it is easy to see we are getting better for every episode. I am really proud of this – like really! Thanx to Allan Tonning for the visual design!

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