Bad Or Bad?

I really need your help. I have PROMISED myself NOT to buy ANY more shoes the next three months. And I am gonna keep that promise, I PROMISE! I have been looking at theese outrageous Jeffrey Campell boots/sneakers for men that are completely ridiculously over the top. But it is also an item you only can wear a couple of times because of the “show-me-look-at-me-factor” wears off fast with a so visual expression as theese bastards. But I really need your help on theese ones – are they BAD (like NOT cool) or are they BAAAAD (like the shit?)

16th Annual American Music Awards

are the Jeffrey Campbell’s bad (like nooot) or bad (like Michael and Eddie color coordinated)

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My Valentine Outfit

If you would ask me out on a date today at Valentine’s Day do not be surprised if I came up to meet you in this outfit from Sons of Heroes. You can buy the shit right here at Intro Clothing. Happy Valentine – big kiss to everybody!

My Valentine Outfit

My Valentine Outfit

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Red October

Nike‘s Kanye West Red October sneakers reach insane prices on eBay. Air Yeezy 2 shoes are now going for £10 million, or $16.4 million. Kanye West must really be a God! Since someone is willing to pay £10 million, or $16.4 million, for a pair of shoes. Nike released the shoes, the red Air Yeezy 2 sneakers known as the “Red Octobers” on February 9. There was no advance notice. The shoes sold out right away. And now a UK eBay auction has the current bid described above. This all comes a couple of months after West’s highly publicized jump from Nike to Adidas — a jump made higher on account of his handsome kicks, no doubt. I must say that I am pretty glad that I got my Adidas SLVR‘s before Kanye made them cost trillions!

Nike Air Yeezy 2

Nike Air Yeezy 2

My humble Adidas SLVR's

My humble Adidas SLVR’s


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Male Hair Extensions

As I wrote online some days ago my only wish for my birthday was to get longer hair. Many lovely people wrote to me that I just could get some matching hair extensions but I have already seen one guy even one of the coolest people in the world showing of hair extensions. Do NOT get me wrong I simply LOVE everything Brad Pitt stands for but I have never understod why the sexiest man alive would degrade himself with hair extension. I actually think that his normal hair without the extensions – before he cut it short – was very, very cool. Brad being 50 years old rockin’ long hair with style is not for everybody and I will do my best to carry on the long-hair-legacy just to honor my hero Brad (minus the extensions.)

Brad rockin long hair without extensions

Mr. Cool ass actor smiling without hair extensions

Brad starts to attend the World War Z premieres with hair extension

here I think it is obvious to spot the hair extensions

hair extensions galore

I must state that I have absolutely NO proof of Brad using hair extensions and all conclusions in that matter is based on the visual expression of the pictures shown above.

Brad I love your shit with or without hair extensions

It's okay Martin say hello to Denmark from me!


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How To Wear A Hat

My daughter Liva wearing a hat with style, attitude, grace and coolness. Yes, I'm proud!

Recently I have found some old hats and the girls really like to dress up and play with them. And yes I just saw Django Unchained and love all the Sergio Leone westerns – but how do you as an adult make the switch from one day to another to go to work wearing a.. hat!? I have always looked at Johnny Depp admiring his hat-skills dreaming of one day that could be me wearing a hat like Johnny. But I do not wanna come to work looking like this guy – you know what I mean. Today on my radioshow I asked the listeners what they think of peolpe with hats? Are they hot or not? And most of them came up with an answer pointing out image and coolness as being the key to wear a hat properly. So if I ever will find the power within me to one day walk out my apartment front door wearing a hat I know within that I officially have looked at myself in the mirror thinking.. that hat looks cool! And if that is the case there must be some degree of truth in that reflection or maybe I officially have become one pathetic loser!

The Justin Timberlake wannabe look

The Legends of the Fall wannabe look

The Michael Jackson wannabe look

The Johnny Depp wannabe look

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I Admit It. I Have Become A..

.. shopaholic. Even though I have taken this test to prove me wrong it still feels like I am joining the dark side. Last night when I could not sleep I ended up buying the boots of Darth Vader. I did not even know that Adidas SLVR was the official sponsor of Team Death Star. But the boots just made me think OMG. Or like my friend and co-blogger Irina wrote to me: I have not seen anything like it. I ordered from a site that I have never been used before AND it is from the US so maybe I will never see theese babies IRL.






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OnePiece – OneLove

I just got a very nice and cozy gift – it is an original jumpsuit from OnePiece and I never thought that I would be the type to wear an adult-baby-suit but I must be honest and say that on a cold winter day like today the idea of a jumpsuit in cotton is not bad at all. Happy Friday!

OnePiece - OneLove

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Fashionblog Awards 2014

Me and Anne-Mette arriving at the Fashionblog Awards 2014

Well I must be totally honest and say that me and my blog-partner-in-crime Anne-Mette came a little late to the award show because we were at a nearby winebar were the time kindda flew by. Anyway, when we arrived, the show had already startet and we saw the host Emil Thorup doing af great job presenting the nominees and winners. The crowd was a little.. how can I put it.. calm or not loud – let’s put it that way and the show seemed to fly by faster than a speeding bullet.
Al of a sudden Christopher came out to present an award and give a preformance – which he did really good! I think I got to or three (perhaps four) beers when the show came to an end. Everybody rushed out of the very beautiful old Børsen and I felt like I just came so I walked around and took some photos and talked with some of all the nice people around the stands.
Anne-Mette having fun
Noboby have the time to watch the show as everybody was mobile-blogging
The technical crew (hipsters)
Best part of the show the Mokai stand
Anne-Mette and Elisa Lykke (same jacket designer expensive vs. very expensive)
Anne-Mette with Johnny Depp
Overall I survided attending a fashion event and my masculinity is still the same.. I think! My bad-ass t-shirt was the bomb even though most of the people did not care about my awesome outfit. I think that it is a part of attending a fashion event – that you do not give a fcuk about anyone except me, myself and I. Remember to check out my blog tomorrow where Veronica Maggio will be my guest on the radioshow – and yes – we will play the kiss trap game “Kys eller Møs” / “Lips or Cheek”.

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What Have I Become..

Today marks a new start in my life as a man. I will attend the annual Fashionblog Awards with my fashion partner in crime Anne-Mette Høyer. I have NEVER been to an event like this and I hope that I will retain my masculinity. I will try to take as many pictures as possible so you can feel like a fly on the wall or even a parrot on my shoulder. Because I am a comedian and have a I-don’t-give-a-fcuk-attitude I will wear my German Garment t-shirt with the rather subtile statement NOBODY READS YOUR FUCKING BLOG. Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow for details and pictures!

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The Last Conspiracy

On my Instagram and Facebook account I posted a picture of some shoes with a very laid back attitude. But the shoes has a story. I saw the shoes when I was in Aarhus recently in the Støy Munkholm store that I always visit. The store presents some very nice labels and designs. The shoes on the picture is from The Last Conspiracy and I tried out both the black and the white pair. I was pretty kean on buying the black ones even though the white ones was much more in-your-face-Kanye-West-style but they also looked a little like a big pair of leather socks. But I was really close to buying the white ones when the salesguy told me that one of the guys from this duo bought the white ones but came back and changed it to the black ones because he thought that the white ones was a little over the top! For me it would be the perfect arguement for bying the white ones – imagine wearing something that is TOO HOT for the guys in that duo… wow, that would be a great story! By the way I did not buy the white ones I think the pricetag was a little TOO HOT!

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