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The community alarm

A few years ago, to install an alarm system, you had to call in a professional installer and a remote monitoring centre.

Since then, anyone can buy and install their own alarm and then supervise it without having recourse to a remote monitoring company.


To date, the tariffs of the remote monitoring centers have been substantially aligned downwards, in the face of competition from domestic alarms supervised by their owners. Some tele-monitoring companies adapt by offering services à la carte: tele monitoring à la carte to ensure intervention during extended departures.

Today, a company is trying to innovate with a totally innovative concept:


How the community alarm works

In concrete terms, it is a box that connects to the wired telephone line and an emergency remote control switch.


The box and remote control are sold without subscription and the company that distributes them is responsible for connecting new customers to create networks.


A 4 second press on the emergency remote control button is enough to alert the community. A community consists of a maximum of 20 people within a radius of proximity of less than 1km plus two people outside.

alarm system

Benefits of the community alarm

The main advantage of this alarm is its gross purchase without surcharge and without subscription, at least in its basic formula. We can also mention the installation which according to the site is ultra-simple.



By dialing a GSM alarm from these elements and in the end the long range wireless switch system offers only a relatively light perimeter protection since it lacks volumetric detectors and various functions such as partial arming.


This equipment can be useful as a medical alarm but a first price communicating home alarm will easily perform the same or more function. I am also surprised that we can propose a system resolutely dedicated to fight against home-jacking with simply an original PSTN module. Don’t kidnappers usually sabotage the phone line?


Final detail but which for me summarizes the limits and the lack of knowledge as regards safety on behalf of the professionals who elaborated this product: the stickers.

wireless control

The concept of a community alarm seems interesting to me, but in my opinion it would need a slightly more attractive offer or slightly safer equipment for the concept to make its way.


I find the concept interesting, but if I look at it more closely, as you will have noticed, I have noticed some imperfections. Good aspects of these community alarms may have passed me by, feel free to share them with me in the comments.

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