Advantages of Home Alarm

With the stress and problems of everyday life, activating the alarm before leaving home is not necessarily part of our routine. Similarly, its disarming at each re-entry is sometimes exasperating. Type the code on the keyboard; look for the remote control at the bottom of his bag… With the automatic adjustment system, everything is solved!


Automatic activation

Today, some safety devices may remind us to activate the opening detector. The principle is simple: you must equip your key with a specific badge that is connected to a sensor attached to your door. When the small gadget starts to move away from the rf remote control detector, a reminder notification is immediately sent to your smart phone. It prompts you whether or not to arm the alarm . Here, the goal is not to automatically activate the alarm as soon as you exit. The advantage is that with this mode of operation, activation cannot be performed without your agreement. This prevents doors from closing without warning or when someone is still inside.

alarm system

Intelligent deactivation

With the same badge, disarming the long range wireless relay alarm system is facilitated. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection established between the badge and the detector, it can detect you even if you are still more than 50 meters from home. To cancel the alert, you no longer have to run to the keyboard or search your bag. Say goodbye to the panic attack caused by an alarm triggered at each late re-entry. Now everything can be done quickly and remotely. In fact, the signal is  disarmed when the badge is within your reach. Thus, the opening of the door will be discreet. But you can also deactivate the device by relocating your smart phone. Thanks to this, the sensor can detect your presence in the vicinity. When you are close to your door, the alarm will be deactivated immediately.

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