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A forest fire so never leave a candle un attended

There are many things you have in the house that will make the camping trip fun use you imagination. Take the utensils from the kitchen if you have bbq tools take them.We have some place to sleep now what about cooking. Save up you milk containers plastic works best wash out and fill ? full of water an place in the freezer. Bring a plastic pail to carry water in. You will need ice to keep the frozen foods cool.Not doing to bad we have a place to cook and to sleep.. Put you dry goods in to this box salt, pepper, cereal, potatoes, and whatever else you remove from the kitchen cupboard.Ranger Bob has been having fun camping for years and wants to share all his knowledge with you so be sure to visit him at Camping-For-Fun.

Most campsite have a fire pit with a steel grill to set the pots on. Take you Gypsum Board Manufacturers deck chair to sit on if you have no chairs then when you get to the camp site look for log blocks they make great chairs can be found at the wood pile. With the basics found in your home you could go today. A roll of tin foil will be needed – the thicker the better – works very well for cooking in. Us the fry pan , small 1 qt pot 3 qt pot and the biggest pot you have great for heating up water.

Other things to bring candles will work if you do not have a flash light but be very careful as a candle can start you tent bedding on fire and will cause a forest fire so never leave a candle un attended. When you have a few frozen containers you now have the ice that will keep your food cold. But before going camping you will need to purchase camping equipment one of the better places to get the gear you need is at camping world.Place at least two in the bottom of you ice box then place the frozen meats, milk, juice into the box.

If you have no air mattress then use two folded blanket placed on the tarp them make up you bed on top of them. You should place vegetables on top if there is room place a third frozen milk jug at the top of the box. If you have a second tarp place it on the ground under the tarp tent be sure not to place the ground tarp outside the tent if you do any rain water may flow in on the ground tarp and you may get wet. Tie the rope between two trees and place the tarp over the rope. And get out and explore the parks and lakes in your area.

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A spirit level and a pencil are your next best friends

If this is the case, do remember to use the Redwood or Cedar for the Outer Joists and End Beam, because although they form part of the under support frame they are visible when looking back at your deck from the garden.Remember also, in the final part of construction, your surface decking boards will be secured on top of the side surface of your ledger and joists, so:Leave a 1″ — 2″ drop from your doorAllow for the size of your decking boards – that will be another 2″So, measure 3″ — 4″ down from your indoor floor levelAnd mark the wall showing the highest point of the ledger

A spirit level and a pencil are your next best friends, you shouldn’t try to place a deck building ledger without them.Galvanised four inch lag screws will secure your ledger into the wall and give you a level and firm foundation to build your deck design onto.It is really important that you allow for a couple of inches step down onto your deck from your door, this is to help prevent rain water from running off the deck and into your home.Choose the piece of lumber for your ledger carefully, hold it up and look down the side of the wood to check for irregularities like warping and twisting.

The Deck Building Ledger holds all the secrets to successful deck construction because it is the essential piece of wood that connects your deck to your home and from which all other measurements are taken.Many people who opt for a more expensive option in lumber still use regular pressure treated wood for the deck building ledger and the joists because these are parts of the support of a deck that will NOT be visible.

If you are building XM Automobile Service Suppliers deck made out of only redwood or cedar then this doesn’t apply to you, but otherwise, please make sure that you are only using pressure treated lumber.Choosing your LumberThe ideal deck building ledger should be free of ingrown knots and flaws, or at least only have very small knots.

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