The Consist Of Colorful LED Flashing Glasses

With the continuous improvement of life and cultural level in modern society, glasses consumers, especially the younger generation of glasses wearers, are no longer just satisfied with the general wearing effect of glasses. Traditional sunglasses consists of frame, temples and lens, which is relatively simple to use. but now recreation have become a major leisure breaks, such as disco, dance hall. In such places, if wearing a special Glowing Eyeglasses, the better to contrast its warm atmosphere. the skill in the art through continuous research and development, so that there have been some glasses with a flash effect on the market.

glowing eyeglasses

Luminous eyeglasses including the sub-frame, two lenses, temples and the eyeglasses further comprises a light emitting power, a control board and a light emitting member, the inner frames and temples are provided with grooves, which is used for fixing the luminous body.

In this glow in the dark glasses are a light emitting diode LED, is disposed so that due to the high efficiency of light emission of the light emitting diode LED, which is  inexpensive, eco-friendly and energy saving.

LED flashing glasses have many different functions, various varieties, novel design, unique design, fashionable and beautiful, colorful design, dressed out of your personal charm, add the flashing lights of the streamline jump, for your night bonus, create a dynamic, trend of the outstanding personality, easy to use, light, colorful, very fashionable, very attractive young people.

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