crusher machine

The whole structure of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill play structure consists of a host machine, analysis (separator), plumbing, air blower, finished cyclone, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, The electric motor etc .. h te consists of a machine frame, Raymond entrance of the factory volute, blade, of a grinding roller, grinding ring, hull and engine
work processes together Raymond Mill (grinding equipment process.): bulk materials by the crusher to the desired size, the lift will be sent to the material storage hopper, then through the vibrating feeder evenly and quantitatively and continuously in the h te inside grinding grinding, milling the powder by the air flow of the fan on. Thanks to the analysis of the grading machine, the fineness of the powder will meet with the air flow through the pipeline in the large cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, and then the powder tube is finished powder. Air the largest high efficiency cyclone collector with suction blower air duct. The air flow of the entire system is a closed loop, and the flow in the flow of positive and negative pressure condition.

The demand and application of sand making machine

Sand making machine parts of actual applications, because of the long time and high hardness material contact, can better meet the requirements of production and development of enterprises, guarantee the practical application in the enterprise development, to meet the. Only through actual production and application, it can better guarantee the development of enterprises, has a very good role in promoting the actual production, meet the actual production needs.
Sand making machine parts we produce butt ends, uses the high quality of high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron, alloy steel and other high-quality wear-resistant materials, with advanced production technology to produce from the aspects of the overall process expected to throw the first material to meet the use requirements, can be put into production application.
We produce the sand making machine wear parts to enhance the overall expected to throw the first from the production process, to better guarantee the production and application of butt ends in practice, and enhance the overall performance of the thrower head, delaying the wear rate. For many years we can provide all kinds of professional technical service to customers, quality service and good performance of the product can be better to strengthen the cooperation between the customer.

Track portable crusher successfully enter the coal market

Recently, our company supporting the tracked portable crusher of successful delivery. Crawler portable crusher not only reflects the technological breakthrough, also broke the chassis business never entered the market situation of coal mine supporting. Crawler portable crusher for the other ancillary products to lay a solid foundation.
The crawler portable crusher from design, manufacturing has greatly improved and improved, especially for the gear wheel body product structure, material, heat treatment and so on. There has been a lot of breakthroughs in design, technology. Through the development of new track materials, we implement the requirements and ensure the full matrix hardening, yield and tensile strength of the high. At the same time, we also improve the portable crusher life and reliability, and solved the difficult problem of processing.

How to choose the pebble sand making machine

River gravel is most characteristic of high hardness, abrasion resistance, production entered Nera greater wear of sand making machine. Therefore, we should pay attention to the rationality of the process configuration pebble production line, reduce wear co Ts, is the effectiveness of the guarantee production.
Second, production line gravel crushing also faces the problem of clean sand. Some information in river gravel, river sand containing large mud magazine, resulting in reduced quality of sand. In the design of the gravel sand production line, must complete thorough cleaning to prevent ”the formation of gravel, sand, dirty face” to reduce sand quality and price. Gravel sand production line
river to avoid fragmentation phenomenon repeated. Pebble material itself contains a large number of global size requirements, the size has reached the requirements of raw materials, to avoid excessive repetition of broken, which increases energy consumption and wear and the equipment wear gravel sand.
River — choose what type of sand making machine is good
Typical configuration of gravel sand making machine by feeding the machine with the screening function, the head of the bulk material type of the jaw in the raw material processing machine, two broken by end mill and crusher c does, processing of raw materials in the small piece of material and the decomposed material, two broken after the material can be directly on the integer equipment. After the whole materials to control equipment The food, return materials to the entire device, thus entering the production cycle is broken.
Out of the production line of river gravel sand as much as possible the use of vertical sand pit impact machine decisions or vertical impact crusher. Because the grinding wheel is too high, the hammer crusher caused serious wear, resulting in frequent replacement of wear parts, such as strokes, affects the efficiency of the production line. Wear a vertical impact Machine Sand Making shaft adopts hard alloy, the wear resistance of all time is the longest in the sand making machine. In between the co t of investment and co Produc ts, users must choose.
At present a large number of vertical-type sand making machine, the type of internal quality is uneven, the actual effect of production is also different.

Potable crusher plant and construction waste crusher joint work

Compared with the general impact crusher, the crusher for construction waste has special features: large feed size, high compressive strength, to adapt to high material hardness, fragmentation, less product powder. Potable construction waste crusher can be widely used in building materials, mining, energy and other industries with no more than 250 MPa a variety of materials and coarse work, especially for aggregates highway construction, railway, water conservation and other specialized industries.
Potable crusher plant is mainly used for material processing often requires outsourcing. Potable crusher plant and special combination crusher construction waste can be composed of a waste grinding station of potable construction. Compared to the fixed grinding station construction waste has optimization of the structure, reasonable light and so on. Potable crusher station equipment of construction waste components to overcome the divided display space occupied by large-scale operation, decentralized defects is complicated, and flexibility, and can freely convert instead.
Potable crusher for building construction waste can be made from recycled aggregates after crushing and screening, back into production, the efficient piece of the use of renewable resources. Potable crusher station construction waste that brings benefits, but also brought economic benefits.

Raymond mill focus on the use of two times of resources

Treatment of fly ash recycling method is mainly by the mechanical grinding. After some fine processing of fly ash, fly ash waste has become a commonly used material industry. Fly ash waste is widely used in the chemical industry, smelting industry, the construction industry is also an essential alternative. Often, add UFA powder to improve the properties of cement in the cement industry. Arguably fly ash superfine powder processing may leave waste fly ash. Fly ash
is the current one of the largest displacement industrial waste. At this stage of the annual milk volume of China reached 30000000 tons. With the development of the industry of electric power, emissions of fly ash from coal fired power plants has increased year by year. The treatment and use of fly ash has attracted great attention.
At present is mainly used for treatment of fly ash superfine Raymond mill. Superfine fly ash Raymond mill superfine powder can produce the fineness of 300-3000. Hourly production may reach 5-15 tons. The superfine Raymond Mill powder processing equipment is the most advanced equipment. Superfine Raymond mill production can not only be used as a powder of fly ash, may also be used to calcite, barite, limestone and other processing of superfine powder stone, is calcium carbonate, the industry production talc, online industry gypsum production indispensable equipment. Our company
superfine Raymond mill product is crafted to double development resources to design. After superfine Raymond mill processing, which not only waste is treated in the environmental aspect in the overall use of resources, has been applied more reasonable.