Are you a ” talkie-talkie”?

I tell you exactly how it is. It is like this folks,
you can never be what you are thinking, or what you saying, or how you are feeling. You are the true person in what you are DOING.
You are what you are doing.

How many times haven’t it happened, that we are involved in a great persons life, and then this person is talkie- talkie about what his feeling are about to give some charity to the poor people in Africa ( its an example) and he is talkie- talkie about this, and he is thinking also a lot about to just starting to do it.

BUT, let’s DO it, then pretty-great-boy !!!
Can it be worser when people is like this, talkie-talkie persons? NO!

How much WE love when people take action and DO. So, WE are what WE DO !

Note/ that was one example of many examples of, what people can talkie-talkie about and they never accomplish to DO 🙂 !

In that pic WE definetely doing nothing then eatie-eatie and looking strange 🙂 !

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