Thank U for the music.

As Iam an extrovert person my brain are in deeply need of stimulation to reach my peak. I want to be involved in other people feelings, thats one peak I have. Not everyone, loves that kind of peak that I have, though 🙂 As my partner is the opposite, the introvert, he prefer to work with his brain in total silence. I have realised these years(fantastic that Im learning about myself more every single year) that music has a great relaxtion power of my brain to stay calm and stimulated.

I do believe that listening to our favourite music can boost physical performance in many procents and prospects. It can help us concentrate or make us more productive. It all depends on who you are and where you are. On me it works like this; that if Im somewhere quiet or doing a boring task, some background music, or my favourite songs can really make me jumpy jumpy and starting an euforic feeling inside of me.

Yesterday, we had a singing action me and Leonardo at home. We danced and sang ( mostly me) listening to ABBA. I could really see in the eyes of my Leonardo that he had so much energy from me, so at once he started to sing a long in ” dancing queen”. Music IS an emotional release.

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