New Oppertunities

Finished up todays great meeting with Labero’s Show and a lovely dinner at Moo Moos in Broad Beach. Love Moo Moos Eye-fillet Stake and truffle potato, yami. Don’t miss if you are on the Gold Coast


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2 weeks left at the G.C

Cant believe how fast time flies by. Have already been here in Australia for 6 months and now it’s just over 2 weeks left. I will miss this sunny beautiful country with its stunning beaches. Must admit that I could stay for 6 more months. Strange how quickly you adapt to new Environments!

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Checked in at the Byron Bay

Checked in at beautiful The Villas of Byron for couple of nights. Loving It



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Boomerang Farm Golf Course

…the ultimate golfing experience Located in the heart of the Mudgeeraba. Rustic clubhouse, built in 1902 and kangaroos on the Golf Course. And I have improved my game , this days I miss the balls much closer than I use to.


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Another beautiful day

Woke up today with a smile on my face, what a day and Night 🙂 !

Goning to miss the view from my window.

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Mardi Gras, Sydney

What a wonderful day. Brunch, Shopping, lunch at the harbour, Rihanna Show, Backstage, Gay nightclub and wonderful company 🙂 dose it get any better?

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Circular Quay

In sunny Sydney, enjoying stunning seafood at Circular Quay while looking at the bridge.

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Weekend in Sydney

Back to Sydney over the weekend. Going to be so much fun…. Really looking forward to some shopping, great food and meet up with friends.

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Noosa Heads

Joe took me to Noosa Heads over the weekend.

Noosa is known around the world for its spectacular beaches

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Barbeque at Oracle

We are having a barbeque tomorrow at the pool for 15 people. The day’s assignment was to provide food and drink. I feel like I bought a ton of it. Joe offered to get a chef but stubborn as I am, I insisted to do it yourself 🙂 We’ll see how that goes. Good thing is the guys are off on Monday so they have time to RECOVER. I will update how it went. Xo Xo Master Chef Anna

The Pool Area at Oracle.

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