Dress = Check

I have found ”The Dress” I am going to wear next Saturday for my Party. Looked all over the world but found It in Sweden. Who thought that Stockholm after-all is super updated on fashion Love it 🙂

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Size Dosent matter

It required a length of 8.5 cm and width of 4.5 to satisfy a girl. 
However, it does not matter if it’s Master Card or Visa 🙂

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Hello Heaven

Typical to find all this stores and no time for shopping. Maybe just at this one.

No business like shoe business

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Car Accident

It has been raining non-stop here on the Gold Coast for the last four days. Floods affect the roads. Our magic girl Anna went to Brisbane today to pick up her friend. She drove into a flooded area on the way out to the airport  and crashed into the guardrail. The car is scrap, but the girls made it mildly. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, please be careful on the roads out there.

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Christmas shopping

Went over to the mall to buy Christmas gifts. Thought it would be much easier to find things. I have no idea what everyone wants, I think my girlriends will get this nice burka . Its only comes in blue, but then we will all match

Isn’t Nice? Does it come in blue to? In a perfect world of Sindays……

Åkte över till gallerian för att hitta Julklappar. Trodde att det skulle vara mycket enklare. Men jag har ingen aning vad alla vill ha? Mina Ă€nglalika vĂ€ninnor kommer dock att fĂ„ den hĂ€r fina burkan….. TyvĂ€rr kommer den bara i blĂ„tt, fast dĂ„ kommer vi ju alla att matcha. Gud sĂ„ mysigt.

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Paspaley Polo

I have Finally found a hat for Paspaley Polo next week. Now I just have to find a dress, shoes, belt, a car and a house that goes with it. Perhaps another shopping trip to Sydney?

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Another day in the City

Woke up and my voice was totally gone. Wonder why? ha ha. What a fun day we had yesterday, still can not stop smiling.

The Best Shopping in Sydney

Oxford Street runs through the heart of Sydney. The street is known for all sorts of buzzing activity, but what stands out the most is the Aussie street’s selection of striking boutiques. Each store has a vibrant collection of international and Australian designer looks.

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