St Tropez

Arrived today to St Tropez after a short stop in Monaco.., Its has been couple of really bussy days but we are now ready for tomorrows ”Sinners and Saints” event at Nikki Beach…. I am exited 20120726-231903.jpg20120726-231925.jpg




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By Sweden

We are on the way By by Sweden See you in France….


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Last Minute Packing

I am doing Last minute packing as always. I think I would need 10 extra bags to feet everything that I want to bring with me. It must be easier to be a guy but also so much more expensive hehe. I can’t wait to come down tomorrow …..

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St Tropez

It is a really beautiful Morning here in Monaco. I had som really good meetings and couple of creative days here. Today we are changing coarse and heading to St Tropez an Nikki beach to finalise Sinners And Saints Party on 27th of July that is going to rock that part of the world.

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St Tropez

I am now back to Stockholm from my and Cecilias girls trip to Monaco and St Tropéz. St Tropéz is rocking as always. Super Yachts is still squeeze into tiny old port. Ferraris and Buggatis lines its tiny back roads and stars still spend €10.000 on a bottle of Top Champange. 5days later you might need another vacation from the ”vacation” but it’s Great fun.

Port de St Tropéz with Cecilia Hyltell

Andreas Love and Peace Villa party.


Love & Peace 1.000 invited attended the party



Bugatti Veyron.  with Hermès monogram on the front grille, roadwheels with a single H in the center, and fuel filler door engraved with Bugatti Veyron Fbg Par Hermès. The interior is done in Hermès leather with internal door handles reminiscent of handles used on Hermès trunks – and a Hermès wallet and Hermès suitcase is included Looovvveee this Bugatti Veyron.


Dinner at the Beautiful Hurricane Run Yacht




Les Caves Du Roy Say no More


House of Chanel St Tropez




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