Sista dagen i Åre

Tiden går fort när man har kul och den här resan börjar lida mot sitt slut. Så härligt vi har haft det här i Åre, vi vill nästan inte åka hem. Tack Greger och Lena för att ni tog så väll hand om oss, vi hotar med att komma tillbaka snart.





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Turbo snail and circus premiere at Artipelag

Today was a Kids Sunday we started first with the red carpet event hosted by Johan Petré at Rigoletto followed by extraordinary brunch and Cirkus premiere at Artipelag.

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Road trip in Sweden 2013












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Black Blood at Dracula’s

We took night of and invited Joe Labero Swedish crew to Dracula’s. What a unique concept! You start to ride the ghost train into the ”Theater of Vampires” Followed by the three-course meal and an evening full of terror and comedy all rolled into one! Weird characters constantly entertain you with their horror antics during a two-hour comedy cabaret show. So much fun….

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Is it all about glamour?

After a workout at the Word Class gym, it was time to get some work done. Today’s mission was to sort and organize among the English press. It took some time but I think we got it rolling now.

Labero returned back to Stockholm from Press Conference in Australia. He is so tired poor thing. The Flight to Gold Coast took about 35 hours, he was there working hard for 40 hours and then back on the plane for 35 more hours. Not enough that SAS lost all of his baggage, he has a two hour show tonight at Börsen. Showbiz is not just all about glamour.

Longer  video version of the press release is comming up soon

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