David Blain nutida Harry Houdini

Kunde inte missa nutidens Harry Houdini och världs kända Street Magikern David Blane när han kom till Singapore med sin första turné. Det roliga var att showen och alla rutinerna var förvånansvärt likt Joe Laberos Show som han har kört i 10 år Sammanträffande? Showen var unplugged och mestadels kort och closeup magi mest imponerande var final numret där David Blaine lyckades hålla andan i 8 minuter i en vatten tank.


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The Heritage Gala 2013


The third Heritage Gala are held today Friday, 15 March 2013 with the theme, Legacies. Looking forward an evening filled with good food, entertainment and company……

Pictures from today’s event 🙂



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Mumiy Troll Singapore

My friend Anna’s Idea today was to se Mumiy Troll. They are voted as “Best Band of the Millennium” by Russian music fans, and apparently the most significant musical entity Russia has produced since Perestroika. I am not sure that I am going to be ”Mumiy Trolls” biggest fan but it was fun to se so many Russians under one roof in Singapore. Fun Tuesday amusement


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Life style coverage Singapore

Couple of weeks ago we had a Photo shoot here in Singapore for Swedish Magazine. It turned out really great 🙂

Hänt Extra







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Love at first sight

Have you ever been somewhere that just grabbed hold of you right from the start? Singapore was that place for me. I flew to Singapore for the first time to extend my visa while we were living in Thailand last year, and even though I had 3 days here, I decided to one way or another spend more time this city. Luckily Joe was signed with Resorts World so we could pack our bags for Singapore just couple of months after the first visit. Five months here have gone very fast and Its hard not to stay in love with the city of Perfection. Singapore got it al its Beautiful low tax city, safe, clean, organized, has the best Schools and business opportunities in the world………………..


Beautiful City, Singapore by Night

 A magic night at Catalunya-in-Singapore-500x375

Beautiful People


Singapore Beautiful People

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Beautiful Places

Marina bay Sands, Anna Vinterfall & Annelie Erhling

Marina bay Sands, Anna Vinterfall

Eaton House Singapore

Best Schools

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Nicoles day in ”charge”

Mickey Mouse road show and Gardens by the Bay if Nicole get to pick the Activity. Cosy Saturday with my baby.

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Magic Night Out

17 November 2012: ”No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep” In company of great friends we had fabulous dinner and drinks under the stars at one of Singapores best restaurant and rooftop bars.

Outside Catalunya, contemporary Spanish restaurant seated in a unique glass-encased dome floating atop the waters of Marina.

Excellent tapas and great Service from team that are trained at elBulli.

A sky-high view of Singapore from the Altitude Bar located at Raffles Place. The view from the bar in the 65th floor is breathtaking, you can see Marina Bay Sands and the city skyline makes you feel like you are in a movie!

1-Altitude is the highest rooftop bar in Singapore, occupying the three topmost floors of the 282 metre One Raffles Place Building

Finishing the Night at another stunning rooftop setting. KU DÉ TA has a fusion of elegant style and cutting-edge design

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Real Housewife’s ”Singaporean Lane”

I just love Singapore. Everything is organised, beautiful, clean, close safe and Perfect. It’s also is another world, another people with different traditions.
Very much like a scene taken from ”Desperate Housewifes” series.

Today I met my neighbour at the spa , he just wanted a manicure, pedicure and toe nails painted. Nothing strange just a regular procedure 😉


”As the neighbour entered the spa, he had a feeling that he was being watched. And he was”
– Desperate Housewife’s of Singapore

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Incanto Premieres 8th of November

From 8th November guests at Festive Grand Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa will enter the realm of fantasy with the world premiere of Incanto, an original multi-million dollar theatrical show featuring one of the world’s top illusionists, Joe Labero.

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Incanto Rehearsals




Incanto, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

2 weeks to Go












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