The male daily chemical market has a huge gap with the female market

According to Tmall’s ’Year Value Economic Report 2019’, the consumption of lipstick in men’s cosmetics has increased by 278%, and more and more men have begun to use men’s cosmetics such as lipstick, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen and masks. At the same time that men’s cosmetics consumption has increased significantly, the supply side has also responded to men’s makeup needs in a timely manner. In 2018, the growth rate of men’s exclusive brands reached 56% year-on-year. Cosmetic companies developed men’s exclusive facial skin care kits, cleansers, Lotion cream, special mask, BB cream and CC cream. In the future, men are expected to become an important contributor to the cosmetics consumer population. 3. Chinese men pay most attention to perfumes and skin care products.

They like L’Oreal Paris in 2018. Among the male cosmetics segment, perfumes and skin care products have the highest attention, of which perfume attention is 26% and cleansing milk attention is 19.4%. The brand that attracted the most attention of consumers was L’Oreal Paris. The search volume of men’s cosmetics accounted for 17.5%, and that of other brands was less than 7.0%. The search volume of men’s skincare products accounted for 32.8%.

The most searched for men’s fragrances was Giorgio Armani with 16.6%, followed by Bulgari with 15.9%. 4. The arrival of ’other economy’, the male cosmetics market is a new hotspot for future competition. ’Other economy’ is also known as the male economy. As the public’s acceptance of multiculturalism increases, beauty is no longer a patent for girls, and more men are beginning to pay attention to beauty. Makeup field. According to the ’18-35-year-old Men’s Trendy

Consumption Report’ released by Taobao New Forces in August 2018, men’s consumption growth in cosmetics and other areas has shown a significant trend and is the backbone of the high-end consumer sector. Once men’s makeup was considered ’mother’, now Chinese men are starting to pay attention to their own image management. More and more men are starting to make up. The concept of ’male color’ is more widely accepted. Related topics about ’boy makeup’ are emerging on social platforms, 2018 Almost 60% of netizens have been applauded by men for makeup. In the ’face value’ era, makeup and skin care are no longer women’s patents. ’Other economy’ will also be a blue ocean in China’s consumer market. In particular, the male daily chemical market has a huge gap with the female market in terms of development time and product development depth, and the industry development potential is huge.

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