What is the difference between UV and fiber laser machine?

These two machines can engrave many materials, plastic, leather, metal, etc. However, what are the main differences? Why is one so much more expensive than the other? In this blog, we will explain the difference between these two technologies and their main uses.

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From the outside, the main structure of this machine may look similar, but the technology used inside these machines is different. Fiber lasers and UV lasers use different power supplies. Another difference is that UV lasers require chiller cooling, while fiber lasers only require air cooling.

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These machines are designed for different material engraving solutions
The main purpose of the fiber laser engraving machine is to provide engraving and solutions for the metal marking industry, the machine can mark, engrave (see the difference between engraving and marking) and engraving on all metal materials. In addition, UV lasers are designed to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass – UV laser machines can engrave a wide range of materials, from metal to paper. Check out the list of materials this machine can engrave and mark.

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As we have seen with laser UV, it can engrave more materials than fiber lasers. Ultraviolet lasers can mark on different materials, but the engraving and engraving power of metal materials is small. Fiber laser machines have obvious advantages over ultraviolet lasers in marking, engraving and engraving metal materials.

What are the advantages of UV laser machines?
The main advantage of UV laser technology is the versatility and ability to engrave on different materials including non-metallic materials. The technology can also use automated systems such as rotary engraving, linear guide engraving, conveyor belt engraving systems, and camera capture systems.

What are the disadvantages of UV laser machines?
One disadvantage of UV laser technology is that it is weak for engraving metal, and if you are looking for a machine that can engrave and engrave metal, a fiber laser engraver would be a better choice.

What are the advantages of fiber laser engraving
In short, the main advantage of a fiber laser engraving machine is its ability to engrave, mark and engrave metal materials at high speed. Fiber lasers can also mark different non-metallic materials, but the results of engraving on this material will not be as good as UV laser machines. However, this is the added advantage of fiber laser machines, being able to work perfectly on metals and on some non-metallic materials.

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What are the disadvantages of fiber laser engraving machines?
The downside of this machine comes when we want to engrave non-metallic materials. We cannot engrave or mark several materials that UV can engrave, such as wood, glass, all plastics, paper, or generally transparent objects. For example, this machine can engrave ABS and PLA, two very common plastics, in different products. When we use a fiber laser machine, the engraving on this plastic material has a 5% to 10% melting, which means that when you touch it with your finger, you may be able to feel the engraved surface just by touch. This is something that will never happen with UV laser engraving.

What are the advantages of Bach laser technology?
The strength of our machines is that we are built and designed with German galvanometer technology, ensuring that their resolution is always optimal, even when engraving at high speeds. Our machines are also designed with Panasonic sensors, allowing to still have the correct size and angle to engrave material at the correct distance.

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We also use BCF technology that allows our machines to engrave more material and engrave different color effects on metal or some plastic materials.

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