je m´appelle anemone

white cherry blossoms & mahogany

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161 IMG_5163And I’m back in Copenhagen again. Actually, I have been since yesterday because my Mum and I went to my aunt’s birthday celebration here in Copenhagen. My Mum left earlier today and today is one of those days when I miss her a lot… Anyway, I’ve been to the gym today and I’ve studied. I also just pampered myself a bit with exfoliating, doing a facial mask and dyed my eyebrows. Now, I’m really sleepy but I’ve got to do a bit more of studying and then we’ll see what I’ll feel like doing.

P.S. Did you notice that I changed my wine bottles for Moët & Chandon Nectar and Ice Imperial? They are really decorative!

stockholm vibes

Image 7 Image 9 copyImage 7 copyWe’re on our way to Copenhagen so I thought I’d just share these snapshots from Stockholm. Stockholm is a really beautiful city and architecture-wise I think it has a slight resemblance to Paris. The weather was delightful during our stay, which of course added to the summery feeling (definitely visit Stockholm in the summer unless you really want to freeze). Do you guys know that I could have chosen to study in Stockholm? It’s a beautiful city but it’s rather far from my hometown, so I’m very happy with my choice.

baby blue & cinnamon bun

Image 5It’s actually such a shame that I didn’t take any pictures today (picture proof?) because the weather has been amazing! I could actually tan in a bikini for some hours in the middle of the day! We’ve been pretty unfortunate with the weather this spring so far so today was pretty major! Anyway, I’ve been doing all sorts of practical things with my Mac and my iPhone (trying to clear up some space), tanning and going for a long walk. My Mum and I even grilled Norwegian lobster and asparagus for dinner. First time barbecuing  this year! Now we’re going to watch some Dexter and then I’m off to bed. Oh, and this picture is from our trip home from Stockholm. I travelled in a new sweat two piece from Brandy Melville in the cutest baby blue colour (perfect flight outfit – am I right?) and of course accompanied by a humongous cinnamon bun from Saturnus, which is a pretty famous café in Stockholm.

fotografiska café

Image 5 Image 6Another post from Stockholm. I’ve mentioned that Fotografiska is my favourite museum and naturally, the café has affected that decision… They have such a variety of different delicious foods and my Mum and I had such a hard time choosing what to get! We ended up with sharing a shrimp salad and a huge piece of carrot cake. The view over Stockholm harbour from the café is splendid and the interior is minimalistic and dark except for the art hanging on the walls. I love these two pictures. I adore the colours in the second ones and pictures of lips are almost always beautiful somehow. The other photography is pretty too and I love the mod eye makeup.

red ranunculus

IMG_4966 IMG_4973 IMG_4975 IMG_4979I remembered that I forgot to post these gorgeous little red ranunculus that I bought. Actually, the Lyngby vase is new too and I adore the transparent pink colour. Currently waiting for peony season even though I have a lot less fresh flowers now that I’ve gotten my beloved lemon and olive trees transported to my apartment.

pretty in pink at rosendal

IMG_5754 IMG_5833 IMG_5766 IMG_5802 IMG_5807Here are the outfit pictures from last Sunday when we visited Rosendals Gardens & Café. I wore a perfect spring outfit consisting of only pink. I really adore the Joseph pants, they are comfy and elegant at the same time. And it’s the first time I’m wearing my new Club Collection top. I just had to get it when I saw it, so I called the staff and asked them to tell me when they had it in store. I love cashmere tees and particularly such cute peplum tops. I’m pretty amazed that it’s possible to make a peplum top of 100% cashmere. Please see below for details. I’m pretty sleepy today because I went from my real home directly to school, which was a pretty stressful trip (as always), which is why I’m not writing more…


Sunglasses: Dior.

Earrings: Carré.

Necklace: Syster P.

Top: Club Collection.

Faux Fur Coat: Ilse Jacobsen.

Pants: Joseph.

Sneakers: New Balance.