je m´appelle anemone

travelling tones

Image 9We are travelling back home tonight! It’s actually pretty nice with an extra day in Stockholm. We started it by going for a long walk (actually in search of my leather mittens that I somehow managed to loose yesterday and I’ve been obsessing over them ever since). We went to have breakfast at Strandvägen 1, which is the most wonderful place. It was really sunny so we could sit outside and I even had to take my coat off! I got such fabulous mini scones and everything else was perfect too. Afterwards, we went to one of the stores that we visited yesterday and I am now reunited with my beloved mittens! Then we packed our bags and went for a swim before heading to “Östermalms Saluhall” for a delicious lunch. Then we dropped by Saturnus for a cinnamon bun and enjoyed some ice cream down at Nybrokaj. It’s been such an incredible trip to Stockholm and I have tons of more pictures to post so stay tuned!

pom & flora

IMG_9768 Image 1 Image 2We had lunch at the famous Pom & Flora today and I can definitely see why it’s so popular. The menu is extensive and interesting. They basically serve all kinds of healthy meals at a very reasonable price. The staff was super friendly and the interior was lovely too. I ordered a ricotta bowl with lemon curd, lavender honey, sesame, dried apricots and pollen and it was so delicious! My Mum went bananas (literally) and ordered a banana bread and a so called banana split that was basically bananas with whipped Greek yoghurt and coconut flakes. It was delicious too but perhaps a little too much banana for my taste (I can handle about 1-2 bananas per year). We had pink lemonade with ginger too and latte macchiatos too of course. The ginger lemonade was super delicious. Afterwards, we went for a walk and went back to the hotel to go for an afternoon swim. The weather is still amazing here. By the way, I’m wearing an off the shoulder top that my sweet little sister got me from Bangkok and I love it! Thanks!

walpurgis night in stockholm

Image 11 Image 10We’ve been quite lucky with our trip to Stockholm because it coincides with the King’s birthday and Walpurgis night. Tonight is Walpurgis night and we went down to the old city centre to see the bonfire and feel some Walpurgis night vibes. Afterwards, we went to the skybar of our hotel to have cocktails. I had this huge one with raspberry and vodka that was really good. We’ve been out and about today. We started with going to the King’s birthday, which was actually pretty fun to see. Then we went to Rosendals Gardens to have some cakes and take a walk in the beautiful surroundings. Pictures are coming up of that in the following week I hope! It has been a pretty fairytale Sunday. I’m happy that we also have tomorrow in Stockholm because we’re having such a good time! Love travelling with my Mum (we’re just missing my little sister!)!

lumière by patrick demarchelier

IMG_5650Image 16Image 12 Image 13 IMG_5656 IMG_5658IMG_5654Today we went to Fotografiska, which is my all time favourite museum. They have amazing exhibitions, a great shop, beautiful location and the café is lovely. They only display photographies and I’ve really been looking forward to seeing the Lumière exhibition by Patrick Demarchelier. Fashion photography is obviously an interest of mine. And the photos were absolutely stunning! I’m pretty sure you recognize some of the pics above (the Angeline Jolie ones and the rose hat?), they are just a small potpourri of my favourites from the exhibition. Fotografiska also had some exhibitions with Lennart Nilsson, Weegee and Cooper and Gorfer. There are just a couple of weeks left until the Patrick Demarchelier exhibition closes, so in case you visit Stockholm soon – it’s a must!

sthlm brunch club

Image 3Image 6 Image 4 And we’re finally here! I’m on a weekend trip with my Mum, we’re in Stockholm and the sun is shining. We went by train early this morning so we were pretty hungry when we arrived (even though we had some breakfast on the train because we travelled first class – so spacious) so we went to STHLM Brunch Club because I’ve heard that it’s impossible to get a table without queuing on weekends (throwback to Granger & Co. in London)… And it’s a national holiday in Sweden this weekend, which means that there will probably be lots of people enjoying life and the sun. It’s lovely weather here and I’m so happy it finally feels like spring! Anyway, we had delicious food at STHLM Brunch Club. I chose the club sandwich (very appropriate) and it was untraditional but super good! Perfect lunch choice! I also had a berry smoothie and my Mum had a frozen acai bowl that was super good too. Then we went out and about in Stockholm and I did some shopping already. I’ve also had a closer look at a dress that I’ve been looking at for some time now…

tapas time

Image 1I decided to spoil myself with some tapas earlier this week because I’ve pretty much been a studying loner all of last weekend… I know I’m posting this at a rather odd time but I’m going to school soon and afterwards I’m going home to pack and stuff for the weekend’s adventures! I’m so ready for some social time in the sun!