The Empire Hotel NYC

lightbox-image03 1 Empire_Hotel_New_York 2 empire-hotel-rooftop-200905-ss lightbox-image04 2 lightbox-image01 2 lightbox-image08 2 lightbox-image02 lightbox-image05 2 lightbox-image06 2 IMG_1763 2I can’t even describe how hyped I’m that I’m going to live in this hotel during my stay in New York! There will be alot of photobombing happening there 😉 And of course one of the reasons why I’m so excited about this, is because this is Chuck Bass hotel in the Gossip Girl series. It’s quite iconic for the series, I read online that on their rooftop bar they sell drinks called ”Lonley Boy” and ”Dorotas Secret” haha, I gotta try one of those..I will have to ask my dad to buy them for me though..since it’s not legal for me to drink in the states..YET..argh.


2 kommentarer

2 kommentarer till The Empire Hotel NYC

  1. Kristina Just skriver:

    Ja, gud ser verkligen fram emot det!

  2. Annelie skriver:

    Oh my god vad nice du kommer ha det! 😀

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