564. Outfit – Come upstairs and I’ll show you where all my demons hide from you. Just look at who I have become, I am so ashamed. You were the one that made me feel the way.. You broke me and taught me to truly hate myself, unfold me and teach me how to be like somebody else, and I felt strong enough, I was discovered by the love I had been waiting for so long..

  • Kostymbyxor – Topshop
  • Blus – Topshop
  • Boots – Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spikes
  • Kavaj – Zoul

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417. Outfit – No you don’t have to be afraid. Take my hand and reload, this is free love, that’s what we are made of, yes, we are..


Lång och bra jobbdag i nya skor. Fint ska de’ va!

  • Shorts – Asos Petite
  • Tröja – Monki
  • Skor – Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spikes
  • Klocka – Michael Kors

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395. Outfit – Say it’s over, say I’m dreamin, say I’m better than you left me, say you’re sorry I can take it. Say you’ll wait, say you won’t, say you love me, say you don’t. I can make my own mistakes.. Let it bend before it breaks.

Är jättemissnöjd med dessa bilderna men vad gör man inte för bloggen liksom.

  • Kjol – Asos Petite
  • Linne – Asos
  • Kavaj – Zoul
  • Skor – Jeffrey Campbell

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422. Outfit – Don’t treat me rough, treat me really nice-is, decorate my neck, me, I’m on diamond ices. Come on baby, let’s ride, we can escape to the great sunshine..


  • Klänning – Monki
  • Boots – Jeffrey Campbell Lita

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408. Outfit – I’m tired of feeling like I’m f-ck-n crazy, I’m tired of driving ’till I see stars in my eyes. I look up to hear myself saying, baby, too much I strive, I just ride..

  • Kjol – Lotta Niemi ss13
  • Linne – Asos
  • Kavaj – Zoul Edition
  • Boots – Jeffrey Campbell lita

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393. Outfit – You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I don’t wanna wake up from you..

  • Tröja – Monki
  • Jeans – Tiger of Sweden
  • Skor – Jeffrey Campbell
  • Halsband – Lotta Niemi

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