je m´appelle anemone

pre birthday celebration

Image 6My boyfriend’s semester unfortunately starts with really bad timing. His birthday is next week and he’s leaving this week. Anyway, I celebrated him a bit this Sunday and I just booked dinner for us the night before he leaves. We’re having sushi in a place I’ve never tried before but had recommended. Luckily the weather was quite nice so we could sit in my garden and have some key lime pie that I baked and lemonade from Aarstiderne. The key lime pie was actually really good but we were pretty full after lunch and soft ice. We had such a good day yesterday; lunch at Holy Smoke, ice cream outside Sofiero, a long walk admiring the rhododendrons in Sofiero and then we had some cake at my place. This Monday morning, which is a day off in Denmark and Sweden, I’m fixing lots of stuff and my Mum and I made really exciting plans that you’ll hopefully soon see on my blog!

sunday hangout vibes

Image 4 Image 7 Image 15It was sunny today so we decided to go on a little trip out and about. We drove to Holy Smoke because they opened only two days ago. We shared their pulled pork and brisket (the brisket has been in the smoker for 14 hours and it literally melts in your mouth – to die for)! It’s really true to concept and cozy – particularly when the weather is nice because you can hangout by the fire and grill marshmallows after lunch or dinner. However, my Burberry Paddington coat and pashmina shawl really smelled smoky. Anyway, we had a great time. Perfect Sunday hangout place!

happy easter

Image 5 Image 13Happy Easter! I’m actually just relaxing at home this weekend because I needed to take a few days off. So what I’ve been doing is pretty much going for long walks and tomorrow we’re going to go on a small trip. Today I’ve baked lots of stuff too and afterwards my boyfriend picked me up to go shopping (he got three pairs of jeans and I was a little scared that he had a silent stroke or something) and when we drove home, it was snowing like crazy! It’s April and I cannot tolerate snow at this point. I mean it was so warm and spring-y a couple of weeks ago and now it’s cold, raining and snowing… We had dinner at my place, watched “The Killing” and ate the Pavlova I baked today. Now I’m super tired so we’re going to bed.

british vogue april 2017

Image 2I’m cleaning up my blog a bit and I saw that I forgot to post this one. And then I remember that I haven’t actually had time to read the whole Vogue, I just read half of it… That paints a pretty good picture of my life this spring. So much to do and so little time! Anyway, my boyfriend brought me this because I really liked the April cover of Kate Moss and it was a really long time since I bought a Vogue. I used to collect the British and German Vogues but now I never really have time to read them thoroughly. Perhaps, I’ll do it one of the days this week. The silver wallet is from Urban Outfitters, the pink cake is a traditional but healthier Danish “hindbærsnitte” and there is a granola bar from Summerbird in the picture too.

garage again

Image 4Today I’ve been to Garage with my BFF and her dog Nelson to celebrate the first day of my easter vacay (which is barely existent). We had the world’s most scrumptious hamburgers before going for a walk. Unfortunately, it was really cold so we went home almost immediately. And at home, the weather was a lot better so my Mum and I walked down to Holy Greens to get a salad for dinner. Now I’ve just studied for a short while and I’m going to watch some tv and relax. Do you have any plans for easter? I plan on baking some cakes tomorrow – perhaps key lime pie and pavlovas? And I’m doing a bit of gardening for my new apartment too.

open face lumpfish roe sandwich

Image 1 Image 2 ImageA few pics form our lunch at Café Norden yesterday. It really is one of my fave places (perhaps because of the Scandinavian vibe) and it was such a long time ago since I was there. I tried their delicious seasonal lumpfish roe dish that I’ve never tried before because I haven’t been there in April. I adore the ceiling ornament and the interior. Too bad it’s always super busy! Sunnies from Fendi, earrings from Dior and shirt from Ralph Lauren.