je m´appelle anemone

apollo kantine

Image Image 2Hi lovelies! I only had one hour of school today, so right after I went home and watched an episode of “Big Little Lies” and then my boyfriend and I went to have lunch in Apollo Kantine. We had a veggie lasagna with a little beet salad and bread. It was super, super cheap and really good (and way too much food for me). It’s located in “Charlottenborg Kunsthal”, so the crowd was quite hip and artsy. Afterwards, my boyfriend and I continued our walk before going to the gym (leg day). I’m just about to study and after that, we’re making tacos and watching some more episodes.


Sunglasses: Fendi.

Shirt: Dsquared2.

light blue cap

IMG_8102image1 IMG_8103 IMG_8105My boyfriend and I just got back from the gym and other than that I’ve been to school most of the day. Tonight we’re going to the cinema to watch a movie. I’m pretty sure that it will not be as good as Beauty & The Beast that my Mum and I went to watch this weekend… That was when these outfit pics are from too. See details below.


Cap: Missguided.

Sunglasses: Dior.

Leather Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans.

Shirt: Bangkok.

Bag: Zadig & Voltaire.

Jeans: Levis.

Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

spring seafood lunch

Image 1Today we went to have lunch with my Grandparents, so we spent most of the day there. We had a wonderful lunch with asparagus, salmon, lumpfish roe and shrimps! It’s the first time this year I had shrimps and they were so good! Love, love, love seafood! I forgot to take pics though because I was deep into eating mode. Later we’re going to get some pizza for dinner and go for a walk. Altogether, a pretty relaxed Sunday.

black lace & leather

IMG_4697IMG_4690IMG_4696 IMG_4694 IMG_4701 IMG_4706Just checking in – I’m so sleepy and full! We just had some sushi after watching Beauty & The Beast, which was pretty good. I would have preferred if the Beast and Gaston had ben more handsome though… We watched it in one of my favourite cinemas in Copenhagen – Palads, which is a huge colourful “palace”. I’ve watched most Disney movies there as a child, so that’s why I love it. Other than that, I bought a new vase today that I’ll show you later and I went to yoga, which was really tough. I think I fell asleep afterwards during the meditation time… We also went for a walk in the stunning Copenhagen weather! It has almost been summery today so I though I’d take my New Balance sneaks for 1st of April spin. Well, now I’m going to watch some Dexter before I roll to bed. For outfit details, please see below.


Sunglasses: Dior.

Dress: H&M.

Leather Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans.

Bag: Zadig & Voltaire.

Tights: Falke.

Sneakers: New Balance.

dior life

IMG_4552IMG_4604 IMG_4561IMG_4617 IMG_4568IMG_4611 IMG_4630IMG_4614Here’s the latest addition to my skincare routine! I’m really excited about them but I haven’t tried them yet. The Dior Hydra Life collection is pretty new and I adore the packaging! So cute, simple and fresh! The Pink Clay Mask smells heavenly and the colour is so cute! I’m really excited about trying the Time To Glow Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder that you mix with water before exfoliating too. I also got a free gift in Åhlens; the pretty little pink cosmetic bag but I’ll show you that in another post. Well, I just wanted to check in and show you these goodies. I’ve been to school most of the day, then I went for a walk and made my Mum and I a green pea soup that was really nice. It’s been lovely weather in Copenhagen today by the way – summery really. So I hope the weekend weather will be as fab as today!

pink buttercups

ranunculusHey pretty peeps! I just got home from school, had some kiwis and then I went for a walk and found these over the top gorgeous pink Buttercups or Ranunculus. I just got home and had dinner and now I’m going to study for a while and go to bed early. Over and out.